Seeking champions for the 2023 OCL Community Roadmap!

This year, we’re trying something new…

For each goal in our 2023 OCL Community Roadmap, we are recruiting organizations and individuals to volunteer as a “champion”. A good “champion” is someone who will help to shepherd a goal across the finish line, through advocacy, building momentum, thought leadership, and facilitation, or sometimes through actual technical work, like software development. And since this is new, almost all of the goals need a champion!

Take a look at the draft roadmap on the OCL Community Website: 2023 OCL Community Roadmap (Draft) | Open Concept Lab

Reach out here or contact someone on the team if you’d like to get involved


A champion:

  • Is a known and active participant in the OCL community
  • Volunteers to help the community to make progress toward a roadmap goal
  • Serves as a point of contact for community members who want to learn more about or get involved in a roadmap goal
  • Contributes substantially to a roadmap goal, often in one or more of these ways:
    • Project management – refining a goal, work planning, defining/prioritizing epics and tickets, gap filling
    • Facilitation – bringing people together for meaningful discussion around a roadmap goal
    • Technical work – software development, business analysis, UX, etc.
    • Advocacy – building interest and momentum, Identifying resources or recruiting volunteers to fill gaps
    • Mentorship – training future leaders

A champion is recognized for their contributions in the following ways:

  • Your name is listed next to the goal on the roadmap
  • You receive an “OCL Champion” badge on OCL Chat
  • Get good karma for life!