Concept IDs and UUIDs

Is there a unique field that identifies a concept from others across all sources?

The id field within a source cannot be changed BUT it’s not unique across all other sources and I’d imagine this helps with flexibility.

The uuid field appears to be a numeric value (with no option of entering it in the app/api?). Does it uniquely identify a concept across the system?

Thank you.

Yes uuid is OCL generated uniq ID. It cannot be entered/edited from outside.

But uuid cannot be used in URLs to get concept info.

Hi @amoko, great question. And thanks @Sny for responding! I wrote this up yesterday but forgot to send it. :melting_face: What Sunny said is right, and I wanted to add one thing:

OCL’s External ID field (often stored as UUIDs which is separate the OCL’s uuid field) is often is intended to be unique within a non-OCL system e.g. OpenMRS. OpenMRS runs validations to make sure that there is only a single concept with the same External ID i.e. UUID. However, there’s no guarantee that the ID is truly unique if someone makes a copy of that concept in another source.

Thank you so much for the detailed response.